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Cricket’s failures on racism are far more important than any Test

Failure tastes like the bathroom floor after a night out. It floods like a blush from the ears to the fingertips, sending you burrowing for sanctuary. It haunts, pouncing in

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European valvular heart disease guidelines published today

It is estimated that 13% of people aged 75 and older in high-income countries have valvular heart disease (VHD). Prevalence increases markedly after age 65. Patients with mild or moderate

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Lawyers behind Ackman’s retreat may target more SPACs

The lawyers whose action prompted billionaire investor William Ackman to make changes to his special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) couldtarget more such vehicles, according to three people familiar with the

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The most popular posts on Facebook are plagiarized

The conventional wisdom around the “widely viewed content report” that Facebook released last week is that it obscured more than it revealed. The company’s effort to demonstrate that most users

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Shoppers fume after spotting Christmas trees on display in the Range

The spotting of the festive firs didn’t go down well on social media, but a spokesman defended the early arrival, as they said many shoppers were starting their planning early

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