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Watch the bewitching process as a garishly coloured children’s dolls house is remodelled into Dracula’s lair

What are the signature aspects of a dolls house? Lace doilies, floral bedspreads, and maybe a chandelier?

How about all-black interior, boarded up windows and a skeleton wreath adorning the front door?

It’s September now so we finally agree that it’s spooky season, right?

And one Tik Tok user, @eatsleepletter, known as Haley, wanted to tackle the challenge of transforming a child’s dolls house into something a little spookier.

Her decorating spared no expense, detailing everything from coffin shaped shelves to an abundance of miniature curio and ornaments taking pride of place on the fireplace.

It was executed with such creativity and style that it wouldn’t look far out of place on an episode of American Horror Story, a thing of blood-curdling beauty rather than a child’s play thing. Cue The Rolling Stone’s Paint It Black.

The starting product frankly couldn’t be further from the end product, introduced in the form of a garish colour palette of pink and purple with gold detailing.

Over the course of six videos uploaded to Tik Tok however, Haley transformed the pocket-sized house into something that the The Addams Family would be proud to call home.

Taking a look inside the Tik Tok videos demonstrating the transformation, Haley’s gothic touch reaches each and every corner of the house.

A fruit arrangement is replaced with a bowl of eyeballs, a coffin-shaped shelf made out of popsicle sticks hosts tiny books of potions and spells, cool silver accents replace the original gold, all bathed in the light of lamps embellished with plastic ribcages and bones, not to mention the copious amount of black paint.

Many of us picked up lockdown projects and hobbies, exploring our creative side; and whilst some of us produced creative endeavours galore, Haley’s seems to take the biscuit.

So much so that compilation videos of the entire dolls house renovation have made it on to the Facebook accounts of Buzzfeed and the like.

If dark corners and cobweb covered hallways in miniature form don’t give you the creeps, why not give a similar pursuit a go and dig out your old dolls house from the loft.