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Jamie Young: the goalkeeper and PhD candidate psychoanalysing coaches

Jamie Young was a teenager when he got his first real lesson in man management – or, perhaps more accurately, on being the man-managed. He had moved to the UK

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Implantable cardiac monitors predict complications in selected post-infarction patients

Remote monitoring of implantable cardiac monitors (ICMs) is highly effective for early detection of serious arrhythmias in high-risk post-infarction patients with cardiac autonomic dysfunction and moderately reduced ejection fraction. That’s

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What investors want to learn from Fed’s Powell

Investors are hoping for answers to these questions: WHEN AND HOW WILL THE FED START TAPERING? The Fed will eventually reduce its $120 billion in monthly purchases of Treasuries and

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Hacker claims responsibility for T-Mobile attack, bashes the carrier’s security

A person claiming to be behind the T-Mobile data breach that exposed almost 50 million people’s info has come forward to reveal his identity and to criticize T-Mobile’s security, according

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Having a son ruined my career and destroyed my marriage with his father’

A woman took to Reddit to share her story about how her son had ruined everything about her life, including her relationship with his father, and she doesn’t know what

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