Approximately 2-3 weeks after the listing activity is completed in a parish, a team of surveyors travels to the block clusters in the parish to conduct follow-up survey visits on those housing units that were sampled during the listing phase and did not return a completed survey by mail or did not call in to conduct the interview by telephone.  Housing units that require follow-up survey visits are called housing units to survey (HUTS).  Surveyors will visit each HUTS a minimum of four (4) times during the survey period unless one of the following scenarios occurs: (1) an encounter produces a completed interview, (2) an encounter produces a hard refusal to participate, (3) the HUTS no longer exists (e.g. demolition), or (4) two ‘reliable’ proxies confirm that the HUTS is ‘unoccupied.’

HUTS which result in completed surveys are classified as ‘Complete Interview’ and ‘Partial Interview’ when only some of the survey is completed (this happens on occasion when a respondent concedes to participate but subsequently refuses to participate any further).

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